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Welcome to ATP Fitness! Providing personal training and corrective exercise since 2019

Services provided

Customized workouts and instruction.

Our trainers will provide customized workout plans that are tailored to you. We will design a plan to correct your range of motion and strength deficiencies all the while helping you to improve your health and physique. This will decrease your overall pain and improve your quality of life.

Goal setting and monitoring.

We get to the root of why you want to improve your health and help you come up with a plan to achieve a realistic attainable goal. Whether it's moving with less pain, losing or gaining weight, we will help you achieve those goals.

Motivation and accountability.

Our personal trainers help keep their clients accountable to their set goals. Regular sessions, check ins, and supplemental online coaching will help keep you on track to achieving your goals and progressing on your fitness journey.

Do you need to make a change to your health? Whether you are looking to get in better shape, reduce your chance of injuries, gain muscle or lose weight, we can help you. We can help you accomplish your goals through weightlifting, corrective exercises, and mobility training. We also have online coaching options to help you accomplish your fitness goals on the go. Schedule today and your first session is free.


★★★★★ (5.00) on Google

I worked with Mark for a year and had great results. I was working through an injury in my knee and back and was able to build strength enough to continue to do the activities I love. Mark is professional, patient, and real and doesn't push any fad diets or exercise programs. He uses science and I really appreciate that about him!

Anastasiya K


★★★★★ (5.00) on Google

Amazing fitness instructor! I have had shoulder mobility issues for as long as I can remember. I’m pretty much back to 100% after going here, something years of PT wasn’t able to accomplish. Would highly recommend!

Thu Vu


★★★★★ (5.00) on Google

My experience with Coach Mark has been remarkable. He does an amazing job of balancing encouragement and accountability, he's always positive during our sessions but never lets me give less than full effort. Not only have I made significant progress in my strength and mobility, I've also been able to relieve chronic shoulder pain with Coach Mark's guidance. Coach Mark is knowledgeable and flexible, so when I came in with a new agenda, I was amazed at how quickly the training adapted to prioritize MY specific goals. It's been a life changing experience for me, and I look forward to a long partnership with Coach Mark!

Petr Rossiytsev


★★★★★ (5.00) on Google

Mark has great professionalism and is always punctual. Patience and knowledge to help with lifts/exercises unfamiliar or new to people. Overall an awesome service to help get past your current limits or recover from injuries sadly and responsibly while building applicable strength.

Auston Gonzales


★★★★★ (5.00) on Google

As of this review, I started ATP Fitness back last spring weighing at 135 ib. being 6' tall, concidered underweight. With the private coaching and sessions, I've gained 5 ib. in muscle, better eating habits, and healthy lifestyle in six months! We renewed our contract for another six months without hesitation to create a body at peak strength and performance. ATP Fitness is my now go to trainer

C Malone